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Getting Started
Welcome to the Louisiana DEQ's Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)! To fully utilize all features of the EDMS, please ensure that your computer is sufficiently configured per the checklist below. If you have difficulty using the EDMS, please send us a message.

Item Description Status
Internet Explorer 11 or earlier
Currently, the only browser that fully supports the EDMS is Internet Explorer11 or earlier. Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox , and Google Chrome no longer support the EDMS viewer but can be used for other EDMS features. While the EDMS may work with other web browsers, they have not been tested and might not support all of the EDMS features.
Unknown v0.0
Java Runtime Environment
A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required to use the EDMS document viewer. You may download the most recent version of Oracle JRE at no cost. NOTE: Your web browser must also be configured to use the JRE in order to run Java applets.
PDF Viewer
Documents can be downloaded from EDMS in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and must be viewed using a PDF reader. The EDMS user guides are also in PDF format. Many modern web browsers will display the PDF format, or you may download Adobe's Acrobat Reader for free.
PDF Printer
Printing documents from the EDMS to a PDF printer helps you to easily store and share them with others. You may download CutePDF, a free PDF printer. NOTE: PDF printers are quite useful, and if you download one it can be used for many tasks besides working with the EDMS.
While most modern web browsers have built-in support for JavaScript, it might be turned off. Enabling your browser to execute JavaScript will improve your EDMS experience.
The EDMS uses cookies to help identify you during your visit. A web browser that blocks cookies might limit your EDMS experience. Please refer to the EDMS privacy policy regarding cookies for questions about how they are used.