Privacy Policy

A cookie is a small amount of data that a website stores on your computer. The purpose of a cookie is to store a preference that you specify, such as custom page, or to allow you to return to a site later and pick up where you left off. Some websites also use cookies to store information as you move from page to page within the site. Your web browser might alert you when a site is about to store a cookie on your computer, possibly giving you the option to accept or reject the cookie. Please refer to your web browser's documentation for details.

Web Browser Information

When you access EDMS, you web browser may send information about itself to the web server. If provided, EDMS uses this information to enhance your EDMS experience. When using a browser which allows both JavaScript and cookies, you will benefit from an improved user experience. However, neither capability is required to use EDMS.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

EDMS uses SSL to protect sensitive information such as your username and password. SSL encrypts traffic between your web browser and the EDMS server, making it difficult for a third party to obtain this information by examining the traffic. The address of an SSL-secured page always begins with "https". Your web browser might notify you upon entering and leaving a website protected by SSL. Please consult documentation for your specific browser.