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This page contains reference materials designed to improve your experience with the EDMS. You may review this material online or download and print it for later reference. If after reviewing this material you have difficulty using the EDMS, please contact us with your questions. We are happy to help you locate and retrieve the records you need.

Item Description Link
Quickstart Guide
The Quickstart Guide provides a concise introduction to searching for, viewing, and printing documents within the EDMS. This guide is a good place to start, but the full User Guide (below) is more detailed if you need additional information.
User Manual
This User Manual is a comprehensive guide to using the EDMS. It follows roughly the same format as the Quickstart Guide but is much more detailed. You may wish to print this guide for future reference.
Document Viewer Reference Card
The Document Viewer Reference Card provides a quick overview of the EDMS document viewer's features, including a list of keyboard shortcuts. You may wish to print this card for future reference.